InfectionAgenda is a band that found out about AntiOnline through Hellwire. We have tracked a lot of traffic originating from this website directed through Hellwire, so I decided to check out "AntiOnline". We are an Industrial Band from Connecticut that uses Technology with everything we do, and I hope you guys could help us out with all those Technology issues dealing with PC's that we honestly have no idea about, and anything we can do to keep our band information such as (Mp3's/Videos/Photos) safe from piracy on the web. Hell, this is a great find I thank you guys for finding us through hellwire.

Note: If you click on the hellwire link it will take you to and give us one vote. If you would rather self type the address it is I thought I would inform you of that before you click. Otherwise, it is a legit link to the hellwire website and again the only reason I mention that is, because that is the way we found your website. Thanx again.

Infection Agenda -