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    Post War on Iraq: sign up here.

    A little late, but you can still sign up!

    from: The United States

    location: Bagdad

    when: Thursday, November 14, 3:30pm

    Hello World Leaders! Come join us, The United States, as we wage war on Iraq, November 14th in Bagdad! It should be a good time: CNN is coming, and we have some really cool new missiles and stuff. Saddam is totally evil, so you're not going to want to miss this!!!! If you don't know how to get to Iraq, you can see a map here, or you can call Dick at his secure, undisclosed location for directions (202-774-0471). Please RSVP so we know how much pizza to order. Hope to see you there!!
    Sign up here!

    Here's some background

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    Pretty fun links at least i can feel like im a part of the process

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    Did they not find him in violation of the UN agreement, or is this my imagination?
    I seem to remember hearing something like that on fox news.
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    Dr Toker:

    Yes, they found him in violation of the UN agreement.

    found here
    WASHINGTON — Iraq's arms declaration "totally fails" to disclose its past and current activities regarding chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, leaving Baghdad in "material breach" of the U.N. disarmament resolution, Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday.
    Or, read about it on the reuters.
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    Don't Draft Men, Draft BEER!

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    Unfortunately the Bush admin. had to edit the original Iraqi document so that subsequent countries wouldn't notice that the George Bush Sr admin actually supplied many of the chemical weapons to Saddam in the first place. I agree that Mr Hussein isn't the most stable of individuals, but this witchhunt the Bush admin. put on, was, and still is, a shock to most of the world, when one considers that Iraq played no part in 9-11 and Saddam and Osama are polar opposites and practically despise one another.

    Al Gore said it best when responding to questions on this Bush admin. and their current path and what they have done so far in terms of US relations worldwide: "catastrophic"
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