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Thread: Fingerprint technology faces test in court

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    Fingerprint technology faces test in court

    When detectives were investigating the 1996 shooting death of a Pompano Beach man, they found faint handprints on duct tape wrapped around the body. But, at the time, the prints were useless to identify the killer.

    That changed last year, when the Broward County Sheriff's Office turned one of the smudges into valuable evidence by using two controversial forensic techniques that prosecutors say reveal hidden clues. Using digital photography and computer software, technicians uncovered a print that was almost invisible to the naked eye.
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    Personally, I think evidence retrieved in this way shouldn't be allowed in court because it would be so easy to digitally change the image.

    Maybe it is ok to use the technology to get a suspect, but the evidence should be void in court.
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    I agree, just like the article said the same technique was used to create space alien images and to enhance a O.J Simpson photo. But i would like to see the method after more studying because my grandmother was killed by a bunch of gypsies and they left all kinds of fingerprints two of them were caught and i believe one got away.

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