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    Klez virus of the year. Funny/Worrying?


    Just a good report but from which people with less knowledgment about virus threats, can know the powerful sides of some virus, in this case the well known "Klez". It's weird to know that viruses has grown so much to the point that huge companies can make studies of big percentages to know which virus is the most infectious. Is this funny or worrying???



    Report from newsfactor.com

    Antivirus companies have named Klez as the most prolific virus of 2002.

    UK-based Sophos revealed that the worm accounted for almost a quarter of reports to its customer support department this year, and topped the company's monthly chart for seven months in succession.

    The second most common virus was Bugbear, which made the number two slot even though it was only detected in October.

    "Unlike previous chart toppers like the LoveBug, which disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived, Klez is the ultimate in slow burning worms," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.

    "It has managed to consistently infect users throughout the year. Protection against Klez has been available for as long as the worm has been circulation.

    "The only possible explanation for its continued 'success' is that some users are habitually neglecting to update their antivirus software."

    Despite Klez being the most active worm, antivirus firm Messagelabs said that Bugbear can lay claim to being the most dramatic outbreak of the year.

    The company said that it was stopping one in every 87 emails at its height in October. Klez could only reach one in every 169 even at its peak.

    Alex Shipp, senior antivirus technologist at MessageLabs, said: "A ratio of just over one in every 200 emails proves that 2002 has seen a major rise in the number of viruses in circulation, even if we haven't seen the dramatic outbreaks of previous years.

    "The more prevalent viruses this year have been the ones most people have found hardest to spot, like Klez and Bugbear.

    "This is because these are able to 'spoof' email addresses, so that the identity of the real sender is difficult to trace.

    "It also means that, by mass mailing contacts from a recipient's address book, further victims are likely to open the rogue email because they think it is from someone they know and trust."

    Both MessageLabs and Sophos indicated a worrying increase in the number of new Trojan horses being created.

    "We have noticed that there is a shift from creating new viruses to the virus writers bringing out new Trojans," said Shipp.

    "We have intercepted these being sent to big companies. Presumably, if they were hit, this would be a feather in the cap for the virus writers."

    Clulely added: "We are generally seeing an increase in the use of Trojan horses to break in and steal passwords."

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    Well when i was studying every time i heard of some new virus coming i used to laugh and think that it were another problem to microsoft and all that stuff, now i work at a computer store and i don't find it amusing anymore, especially when it hasn't much information on that subject...and i must solve problems with costumers that don't know what an antivirus is, and the ones who know doesn't update them...i think the fault for the proliferation of those virus are mostly the users who open everything that pops up in his mailbox, and not the virus creators
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    stupid is as stupid does...

    when it come to computers.. that is true so is "You can't teach lazy"

    very few of the "users" can be taught.. some you can give simple instructions and they will follow them while it is convienient... But many are just plain old lazy..it is too easy to trust the two yearold antivirus that has never been updated
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    You're so right man!!!, and that's the reason why i wrote this thread.


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