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    media proof that the UK govt is using your phone traffic data

    for those of you in the UK who are a little paranoid about how much info the government is collecting


    try these handy hints

    1. buy a 2nd hand mobile from your local paper, with pay-as-you-go simcard. (do not give your address, or name)
    2. leave it switched off, unless you want to make a call.
    3. after a few calls, bin the phone.
    4. forget using GPRS, or 3G

    Do not let then routinely collect data on what you are doing, as you may find next time they are investigating a crime they start to think "the crime happened on a monday, so and so is usually in the area on a monday, let's question him/her"

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    fight back

    Why not make a game out of it? Collect all the information you can on police, government employees, and officials?


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