Hello to All, I'm a newbie to your online community... I thought that maybe some of you would be interested in a project I'm working on... It’s not my original Code, I built it off of the AIM project by “Dos” on the www.planetsourcecode.com database… It’s quite simple, not much Mod to the original code :-(

All it does is encrypt the text using a very weak pass key encryption, and then decrypted by the other user (with the same client, using a common key)… If you would like to Beta, or work on this project, or maybe you just want the source code? Here is a zip… It’s pretty big, contains both Binary distributions and Visual Basic Source Code: http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/c4908...L.zA.Amstd1mOO

Again- I’d like to restate that “I Did Not Write The Client” , I simply implemented the encryption module…

The encryption is very weak. This program is more for people who want a little privacy while at work or at home. Don’t think for a second it’s safe, or that you can transfer sensitive information… This project if just for learning and fun :-)

For those who are cautious of other's executables, you can compile the source code your self...