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Thread: Terminal server client for LINUX

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    Terminal server client for LINUX


    the above link points to an open source project to provide a terminal services client for linux.

    My question is ...

    As this is one of the last obsticles to me dumping windows for eternity, has anyone tried to run this in anger, and if so what were the results?

    also while you are at it .... has anyone ever tried to connect to a Compaq RIB using Mozilla, phoenix, opera etc, and what were the results like?

    i know, i know, 2 questions at once, but still ......

    please if one or 'tother is complete ****** and you know it is, save me a week of heart ache, and let me know. If not i'll try em both, and report back for the rest of you.


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    i run that program from my home system to log into work from my Linux machine. I find it works much better then the remote desktop program that is used in windoze XP. Give it a try and have fun. Other then this program, i have never tried what you have asked. hope this is somewhat of a help to you

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