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Thread: MandrakeSoft's Future

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    MandrakeSoft's Future

    I am not sure how many of you have heard the report by MandrageSoft yet, but they are experiencing financial difficulties. I received the letter in my email, thought of spreading it:

    Flash: MandrakeSoft's Future

    Many of you have followed the evolution of MandrakeSoft throughout the
    past few years. Everyone who is concerned with the company's future is
    encouraged to read and distribute the following message.

    Despite the many financial challenges of maintaining a fully open source
    business model, MandrakeSoft has always followed the Free Software approach,
    but in this normally joyful holiday season we are experiencing a serious
    short-term cash crisis.

    In order to reach the next release, MandrakeSoft currently needs to raise
    cash and quickly complete an Increase of Capital. Please take a moment to
    read this important message at the Mandrake Linux website:

    We know you may have read our previous appeals, but if you are truly
    concerned about MandrakeSoft's future, now is the time to mobilize and help
    spread the word.

    With the holidays upon us, a great way to spread some "Linux cheer" is by
    offering the gift of a MandrakeClub membership. The Club is a great way to
    support MandrakeSoft, and to help others too.


    The MandrakeSoft team.

    Poor Mandrakesoft, unless someone thinks this could be a spoof to get money or customers?
    Not sure myself, just thought you guys would like to know.

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    I don't think its a spoof to get cash...

    there is this article too.

    Just in case, I added a last minute x-mas present to my list... (it was very short to start with) and I asked for a boxed version of Linux Mandrake 9. I don't like it as much as Red Hat, but maybe I'll put it on my sisters pc that I'm giving her.

    That should confuse her... I'll give her madrake 9 with a linux book and no windows cds... <evil grin>

    Mabye I can just dual boot it... we'll see.

    Wasn't madrake one of the distros that joined United Linux? I can't remember...

    Bottom line is... more and more people are getting broadband... they can now download the software they want instead of buying the box set. Before it was easier to buy the box set rather than downloading.
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    Wow, that sucks. They need to raise 4 million USD, which isn't easy. MandrakeSoft is a great company (obviously) and I hope they can get out of the situation. There is good news though:

    MandrakeSoft recently announced significant increases in revenue and reduction in expenses. While many companies have struggled to prevent declines in revenue and profitability in this economic climate, MandrakeSoft showed positive results in both areas in large part due to critical partnerships with OEMs, success of new online services, and a general growth in the demand for Linux solutions. After strenuous efforts over the past 12 months MandrakeSoft's business model is more solid than ever with a number of new announcements and some exciting developments on the horizon.
    Well, atleast there's some good news. Lot's of luck and praise goes out to MandrakeSoft.

    EDIT: PhishPhreek: Haha, I got Mandrake 9! Yeah, it's awesome and all, so I hope you get it. Any true Linux fan should have RedHat or Mandrake on one of their boxes(box). About the United Linux thing, that's a good question.
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    Well, I REALLY hope MandrakeSoft getts out of this one, they're a great company. If I had alot of money I would definatly help them out, but alas, I am only 14, and I have no money. I have Mandrake 9, and I love it. It's great, much better than that "Windows" thing I used to have. Does anyone remember "Windows". I'm glad I moved to Linux. Mandrake Linux at that. Tell you what, I'll donate some money to Mandrake, if I make any profit off unerror.

    [note]Sorry about the ramble...I just havn't beedn to the AO site in awhile. [/note]

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