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Thread: Snooping addicts forum

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    Snooping addicts forum

    I was looking at the forums list and saw the addicts forum and began to wonder if a person could view a thread in that forum from a users profile. Nope can't be done, then I wondered what if I use the user post search*, can I see part of the post?

    I looked at the forum list saw that Tedob1 made the last post in the addicts forum and gave it a shot. Sure enough I could see a preview of his post, enough to see that he was responding to Spyder32 so I took a look at a post Spyder32 made and could see a preview of his post.

    Nothing big here but since I am locked out of the addicts forum I would think that I shouldn't be able to sneak in through the back door to snoop. Looks like a bug to me. I have attached a screen shot of the above post previews so you can see what I am talking about.

    *user search post.. Not sure what it is called, when looking at a post clicking on the magnifyng glass next to the user name will generate a search for all posts by that user with a preview of their post.


    I just found this post http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=235730 by powertoad about the same bug. Sorry I missed if before I posted this, I had done a search before posting, but somehow had missed that it had already been reported.
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    lol magnoon, that is one helluva discovery . I have been wandering around the Addicts forum too.
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    This was posted about here by Powertoad sometime back.
    Not a lot of responses to that one either
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    Real nice catch man

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    Wow, really great eye!!! It pays to be curious! Thanks for the effort.

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    You could also do this the l33t1sh way... by hack/crack/quess someones pass and just read all the things or even copy it to somewere else so everyone can see it. It doesn't have much use I can asure you. I "know" people who actually have acces to that forum (like the one just above my post) aren't going to like you for it, altough it is a bug which should be reported.
    There is nothing in that forum. There is barely something posted in there and you'll only see that AO sucks even more then you thought already.

    The forum isn't full of l33t stuff etc. at least nothing that you couldn't find without acces to that forum. AO just lacks the ammount, quality and activity of "real knowledgeable" peopl to really have an active "addicts" forum. It's only to some extend a "antipoint whine/bitch" forum, but then for regulars (read: people who post much), in a rule people who "know" much post less. If you looks at the tutorial forum for instance... there are some good tutorials and there are intelligent people (never said there weren't), but there's also very much crap.

    If you look at general things that get posted everyday... nothing's really of the l33t, like some want it, sort. All those people who post everyday with there non security related stuff eventually arive in the addict forum... if you want in a few months time if you don't want to get banned.

    Just face that a security site with more newbies and scriptkiddies then "experts" with a posting "border" of 275 to acces the addict forum just isn't something to look out to.

    For the real intelligent people arround here who still bother to read posts like this (strong character you have, or you're just "nice") look at the things that will be replied to this post and think for yourself what it all means. Not just think a bit and see ... ow he's a newbie, he can't acces that addicts forum, he doesn't have many good posts himself either, he's a script kiddie heimself. I said for intelligent people to look further... not to me, but to my story and this site.

    I know what relpies I'll get and my own post makes me puke, but I really had to say this and I know, because I'm just typeing this without rreally thinking about what I really want to say, it's incomplete and people will take that as a change to give stupid replies, takeing my post wrong or just not knowing better...

    At least I tried to say, hopefully did say and also feel better with the believe I said... all I wanted to say.

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    I have acturally used this as a starting point in reading Invalid Threads. I know of another trick that can be done, but I won't disclose it because it is probable that I can acturally read the entire posts over here.

    BTW, if you can find any of these Invalid Threads, I'd like to take a look at them. It was mentioned that they could be used to boost a newcommers status by creating these, as they do count on your # of posts. Not only that, but when you go to view them via conventional means, you get an "Invalid Thread" error. You can also use the "search preview" technique to see part of the message, and know that it does indeed exist. So, if you find any of these, PM a link to me and I'll check it out.

    Also, I'll try and see if my technique can get me into an Addicts Fourm...


    Edit: Yes, I am able to view the entire post with my method, but it is a pain in the butt to gather all of the necessary information to do this. Also, my method is VERY UNRELIABLE for older posts due to the difficulty to acturally find them. In my opinion, it takes too long to find any active topic in there to read - and it isn't worth the time and effort to read, though it is possible.

    Magnoon - just so you know - and for others to know -, there isn't much more continued from that post - only 4 more sentences, though they were fairly long. It just ends with what Spyder32 originally thought the room was about. Spyder32 is right about the room, though. We all think that it is a really cool room, and _some_ people have posted uselessly to see what is in there. (It is very easy to see who these people are, so don't go about accusing people and starting meaningless battles) Kwiep is right - there isn't much in that forum. Because of the people who post uselessly just to get there, there is little value left in that fourm, and those people will realize how stupid it was. Just focus on quality posts and learning, and then once again there may be _lots_ of very intelligent people roaming the boards.

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    the bug is worse than i thought, tell you what i can see the whole page of any
    message posted in the forum with no prob,no need of information gathering!

    just take a look:


    Posted by Tedob1 on Today 03:25 AM:
    Hacking with dos?

    If you are a member of a North American Doctor Who club, or group (something that meets regularly at least) and want to be included in the Alliance Fan Club Directory, you should drop a message to Doctor Who Alliance. Even if your club is listed on my website listing, your information may be out of date and your club's existance couldn't be verified. So set the record straight!

    Here is where you can find out where your fellow whovians hang out - check out Shabang's Unofficial, Copyable, Abridgeable, Downloadable, Usenet Clublist, or Suc-a-duc for short. If you are a member of a Doctor Who fan club and would like to provide me with information about your club, please do so, so that I can make an accurate, readable listing of fan clubs. Just click here to send me an e-mail message with your club info. I also promise never to post an html version of the list on the newsgroup rec.arts.drwho. (listing updated constantly)
    .>>>>>>>>>>>>>(this part of the post was removed by black_death)
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    here is another one:

    Posted by Tedob1 on 12-21-2002 07:03 PM:
    automating net send

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Efforts to bolster Internet security will not lead to increased government scrutiny of individuals' online habits, the White House and industry sources said on Friday.

    As it finalizes sweeping guidelines that aim to increase cybersecurity, the Bush administration said individual privacy would not be affected by efforts to prevent cyberattacks.

    "The administration is not considering a proposal to monitor what individuals do on the Internet," a spokesman for the transition to the newly created Department of Homeland Security said.

    ^ hide from S/K

    Actual post below

    Ever get really fed up with kazaa users hoging all the bandwidth on a dial-up, slowing you to a crawl

    well heres something perfectly legal you can do about it if you have an nt or xp based machine:

    rename your computer something like NSA_searcher27

    use your favorite scanner to find all computerer in you ip range (i just use the forth octet) and save it to ipfile.txt.

    replace all the text, not containnig the ip addy, with nothing ( for me this requires 2 operations)

    open a command prompt and enter:

    for /f "tokens=1" %x in (ipfile.txt) do net send %x Un-authorized file shareing is against the law

    or paste it at the prompt using: Alt+SpaceBar then the letter 'e' then 'p'

    this is an example of automating dos commands, thought you might find it useful :-)
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    no action?

    Posted by roswell1329 on 12-21-2002 02:15 AM:

    Hey Spyder32, I understand what you mean by wanting to post some threads here in the addicts forum about some more technically advanced stuff in hopes of getting back some more technically advanced replies. I like that idea too and I'm behind it 100%. I've posted a couple of threads in General Chit Chat in the past that I felt were pretty technically interesting in hopes of spurring some comments, but they seem to have been passed over. From now on I'll try to put those more technically advanced topics here.

    i know it is no big deal but just wanted to report this!

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    It may be a problem but you know, with the domain up for sale and whatnot, I wouldn't expect much to be done. I posted back how banned accounts shouldn't be on the Top 10 of any list (well, except the banned list) and that's a simple one line addition and it hasn't been done either.

    As for quality, well...I don't care about being able to access an 'addicts' forum since there's nothing really there at all. I'd rather sit out here and just help if I can. Very good post though, kwiep.
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