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Thread: How do you do... in Christmas???

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    How do you do... in Christmas???


    How do you do??? How do Americans do to be so happy in Christmas??? Where did you "found" that spirit of joy and fun to "spend" during the Christmas season??? If envy is a sin then i'm a sinner, because i realy envy the way you "live" Christmas, how you decorate your houses full of colored lights, how you have people singing outside your houses, how you make "partys" in streets of small towns, how your women decorate the Christmas tree to be full of presents. How do you do this??? Here, in my country (and although it's really small i love it) we celebrate Christmas the better we can... but the spirit is different. We have our Christmas tree always and familiy affection, but believe me it's different... and i don't know why. I really envy you, americans. I know in many other countries Christmas is celebrated enormously too... but in my humble opinion IMHO not like in USA.

    I'll lose Christmas... but i will be there in March 2003, in Boston.

    I thought i won't be here around these days, but i am, so marry Christmas again, for all AO!!!


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    Well, I don't know exactly what to say about our celebration of christmas.

    I do however think that we put far too much emphasis on gifts, etc.. and not enough on family friends and togetherness. Giving of the gifts is fine, but it seems a bit extravagant sometimes.

    We should always think about others, and help when/how we can. Christmas should just remind us of that need when we lose sight of it. Often it seems that people will give to charities, or go to volunteer in homeless shelters, near christmas, and tend not to think about it the rest of the time.

    Oh, well.

    Happy holidays to all.



    If you are coming to boston in march 2003, send me a pm, if you are over 21, I can give you a good tour of the city, including some of the most important history spots, and, some of the best current club scenes.

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