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Thread: Malicious Bugbear Virus….answers?

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    Question Malicious Bugbear Virus….answers?

    Hey! I was reviewing all the virus's from last year and was looking for ways that either the government or people have posted on the internet on how to stop them. I came across this article from CNN that talked about the 2nd most damaging virus from last year, Bugbear:

    Bugbear can disable your anti-virus software. When you scan your computer to see if it's been infected, Bugbear hides among your files, creating its own little terrorist sleeper cell in your Windows software. "It's a common problem," Gullotto told "Hotwired." "We are concerned and have been for a while. We're working on a few different solutions right now, none of which are exactly the ideal solution."
    Microsoft has made a patch for the damage against their IE browser, but the virus is still damaging enterprises and companies all over the world...

    This article was dated in October of 2002. I'm just wondering if there has yet been a solution for this malicious project done by 'enemies'. I just thought that I'd bring it up with the Antionline community since when I looked around I couldn't find any talk about it-which surprised me-.This is of deepest concern to me...Please reply...
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    Symantec seemed to have the most in-depth coverage of the BugBear virus as well as a removal tool. The article is last updated October 29th, 2002. You could try this for starters. Hope this helps.

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    Good post!!!

    Personally i don't care for known viruses anymore. It is SO easy to maintain your PC free of know viruses as Bugbear or Klez, you only have to have your Antivirus completely updated. That's all!!!

    People that get infected is really lazy ass , (not you, you know what kind of people i mean, i mean the really lazy asses ones) that is always complaining about viruses but don't listen to you when you tell them too keep their AntiVirus software updated. I haven't my PC infected since a few years now and i can't believe how big enterprises get infected. I work as technician doing customer support and is incredible all the enterprises calling home to ask me and my associates to remove them the viruses. And sometimes it's so easy that i tell some customers to install pcAnywhere 10.0 and fix their machines from work when i haven't got time to go to their homes or offices. It's incredible this enterprises get infected when, for example, Norton can stop this known viruses threats if you have your virus definitions totally updated.

    That's all, bye.

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