Iím surprised to be bannished from your forum ?
I think I answered correctly to the questions i found on your forum.
I was amazed to notice that there were 32 posts under my pseudo;I only wrote 3 !
Nobody seems to realise that the other 29 were not written in correct English ; so there are not mineÖ
My statement is that someone hacked my account; incredible on a forum dedicaded to security!
Thanks to the administrator to run again my account and cancel all the messages uncorrectly written in English (I know this will take a lot of time, Iím sorry for it)L.
Iíll change my passwords and chose one very hard to break.
Sorry again for this problem and hope for a quick solution because Iíd really like to get back my pseudo (Hackers Warrior)
Maybe my hotmail account was hacked to : I had the same password.
Please answer at this next e-mail address: den005@wanadoo.fr.
Thanks again.