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Thread: reinstalling xp drivers

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    reinstalling xp drivers

    This is a newbie question

    my family's windoze machine stopped recognizing both the cd drive and the cd-rw drive the comp told me its a driver problem my question is how do I reinstall these drivers w/o reinstalling the whole OS

    sorry this is akind of shitty post its only my second one

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    You shoud try uninstalling them from your control panel/system/hardware/device manager (i don't know if in english the exact word is device manager because i have my XP in spanish), then here look for your cd drives and uninstall both of them. Then, reboot your PC and XP should find them and reinstall them without conflicts. For the moment, i have never needed a driver for a CD-ROM or CD-RW for XP, just if they're controlled by a SCSI adapter like my CD-RW.

    Good luck!!!

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    Go to

    "Administrative Tools->Computer Management"

    Once computer management is open, click on "Device Manager"

    Then look for your device, right click on it, select properties, and then choose update driver on the "Driver" tab.

    You also have several other ooptions, including uninstalling the driver, after which you will "obviously" need to reinstall the driver.

    Good luck.

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    um, all these will probably solve your problem, but there is a machine at work that was an upgrade to XP and not a new install. this has the same problem and un/re installing the drivers wont fix it from this comp at our shop.

    We found that the easiest thing to do was to reinstall or maybe unistall then reinstall windows XP and do not upgrade but do a new install and overwrite other existing windows folders. the only problem with doing this is that everything in your registry will be deleted and applications like M$ office XP will want to be re-installed.

    hope this helped
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    i don't think that there is a problem that has to do with the drivers.i have never heard of any cd-rom driver that needs drivers in order to work properly with any kind of OS.so why don't you try checking the ide controllers or the cable that connects the device with the controller(try replacing the cable for example)?i had the same problem with my new toshiba 16x48x dvd-rom and i use windows xp pro.so i thought something was going wrong with my hardware.i replaced the cable with a new one and my new device worked!!!!!

    p.s:try to reinstall the mainboard's software if the problem remains

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    ok, its relatively simple to do, open up control panel, from there access 'system' or if you have the newer control panel interface this can be accessed through the performance and maintenance part.

    then go to hardware - device manager, from there you will see a list of hardware on the machine, expand the cd / dvd-rom drives one and right click the device and uninstall it, do this for both and then restart and XP should detect the drives and reinstall them or you may need to reinstall from a disk if you had one with the drive but thats not very likely..

    hope this will help you, im not makin you sound silly with the simple explanations and instructions, but just in case you dont do this very often

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