While researching another subject I stumbled on this news article from the past. AO's AI bot Bub. I altered my current task and began trying to find information on Bub, but came up mostly empty. I did find a few stories about Bub that gave me the impression it was successful so why did it go away? I couldn't find anything with an AO search about it's demise.

Short article about bub
Another feature not to be missed is Ask Bub, an online database full of prewritten answers to commonly asked security questions. If you want to know what a worm is, for example, but don't want to ask a potentially condescending technophile, you can anonymously ask Bub.
The original news article about AO that sparked my interest in Bub

... which is expected to span over some 8
separate domains, will collectively be dubbed "AntiOnline - The
Internet's Information Security Super Center". Along with the latest
InfoSec news updated 3 times a day, AntiOnline will also run weekly
columns and interviews from and by some of the biggest names in the
computer security and hack scene. Another domain will host Bub,
AntiOnline's artificial intelligence bot, 6 months in the making, that
will be able to interactively answer questions about computer security
issues posed to it by web surfers. One of the domains will host a
virtual store front that will be a one stop shop for security products
and hacker memorabilia, and yet another one will serve as a high
power search portal to information security related sites, based on
technology being leased from InfoSeek. Another of the domains will
serve as the world's most extensive web companion to IRC, the form
of real time type written communication used by thousands of hackers
around the world."
This was found here: http://web.textfiles.com/ezines/HWA/hwa-hn01.txt