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Thread: Microsoft buys Christmas...

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    Microsoft buys Christmas...


    Here's a good one...




    NORTH POLE - Microsoft announced an agreement with Santa Claus Industries to acquire Christmas at a press conference held via satellite from Santa's summer estate somewhere in the southern hemisphere. In the deal, Microsoft would gain exclusive rights to Christmas, Reindeer, and other unspecified inventions. In addition, Microsoft will gain access to millions of households through the Santa Sleigh.

    The announcement also included a notice that beginning Jan 1, 2003, Christmas and the Reindeer names would be copyrighted by Microsoft. This unprecedented move was facilitated by the recently acquired MS Court.

    Microsoft stated its commitment to "all who have made Christmas great," and vowed to "make licensing of the Christmas and Reindeer names available to all." It is believed that the guidelines for licensing these names, due before Halloween, will be very strict.

    When asked "Why buy Christmas?" Bill Gates replied "Microsoft has been working on a more efficient delivery mechanism for all of our products for some time, but recognised that the Santa Sleigh has some immediate benefits. We'll use it first for the release of our new Office suite and Windows NT".

    In a multimedia extravaganza, the attendees were shown a seemingly "endless" video stream of products that make up the deal. It ended with a green and red version of the Microsoft logo, and a new Christmas trademark, leading into the announcement of the first product from the deal.

    Vixen, the new Director of Holidays and Celebrations said, "The first step is to assimilate Christmas within the Microsoft organisation. This will take some time, so don't expect any changes this year." She continued, "our big plans are for next year, when we release Christmas 2003. It will be bigger and better than last year." She further elaborated that "Windows users who sign up with MSN will get sneak previews of Christmas[2003] as early as November first."

    Christmas 2003 is scheduled for release in December of 2003, though one unnamed source said that it is dangerously close to the end of the year and may slip into the first half of 2004. An economist at Goldman Sachs explained that a slip would be catastrophic to next year's economy and the nation's tax revenue, possibly requiring the IRS to move the deadline for filing income tax returns to three months after Christmas, whenever that was. "But it could be good in the long term," he explained. "With Microsoft controlling Christmas, we may see it move to May or June, which are much slower months for retailers. This may serve to even out the economy over the year."

    When asked if other holidays are being considered, Mr. Gates explained that "Christmas is the flagship of holidays, so we wanted to start there. Not all holidays are available for sale, and the regaining will have to show a good long term business," suggesting that holidays with a short history may not be in the plans.

    Though specific terms of the agreement were withheld pending final FTC approval, a Santa official confirmed that the deal was "sizeable, even for a man of Santa's stature." Some analysts think that Santa has saturated the Holiday market, and is looking for a means to expand his business to year 'round products and services. Others contend that the Jolly Red Man is looking to retire in Redmond.

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    Think of the new Christmas carols

    Nine-tenths of a gig,
    Biggest ever seen,
    God, this program's big--
    MS Word 15!
    Comes on ten CDs,
    And requires--damn!
    Word is fine, but jeez--
    60 megs of RAM?!

    Oh! Microsoft, Microsoft,
    Bloatware all the way!
    I've sat here installing Word
    Since breakfast yesterday!
    Oh! Microsoft, Microsoft,
    Moderation, please.
    Guess you hadn't noticed:
    Four-gig drives don't grow on trees!

    Author unknown
    If you receive something that says \'Send this to everyone you know,\' pretend you don\'t know me.

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    OMG That's hilarious!!!
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    Watch out magnoon, Bill Gates might want to buy a copy right to that carol too.

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