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Thread: He has a lisp! A satire...

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    He has a lisp! A satire...

    A mate showed me this:

    Who put the “S” in lisp? What kind of sadistic person would do this? To make someone who can’t pronounce the letter “S” correctly, use this letter in the term to describe their speech problem. In fact, people may not understand them at all and the lisper would get frustrated trying to explain it. This is like making someone that needs a wheelchair to transport him or herself around, walk to get the point across that they‘re crippled. It just doesn’t work. Although, without the “S”, it would simply be lip and that makes no sense at all! It’s time we think of another word for lisp.

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    why not call it lithp, then everyons happy
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    it would be a bigger problem if that person is facing problem pronounce the letter “L” in addition to "S" ... it would be yithp ..

    i suggest we change the whole language ... how about arabic !!
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