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Thread: Need help with laptop!

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    Need help with laptop!

    Here's the problem, my laptop has somehow become locked with a password. The laptop is mine (just thought i should let you all know). The laptop is made by Sharp. It runs on a Windows os. The box where the password is to be inserted is on the startup screen. So if anybody know what i should do please let me know.

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    Knowing the type of OS would help, but here's a place you might be able to start at. . .
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    I assume you speak about the Windows startup screen. What version of Windows do you have? 95/98/Me or NT/2000/XP?
    If it is a 95/98/Me version, simply click on the "cancel" button.
    If it is a NT/2000/XP version (probably), it is a little more complicated. You'll have to try a bootdisk or a boot-cd. I assume you have them if the laptop is really yours.
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    Here is a good place to search for stuff like that (password recovery)

    Is it the BIOS? Or the windows password?

    If BIOS: Remove Battery :-)
    If Windows: Make a linux or dos boot disk :-) Then replace the password manualy, i can not explain the process in detail, but you should be able to find soemthing like that with the link i gave above...
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    If it is a bios password use a debug script to erase it. You can find it at www.computerhope.com(look for DOS commands.)

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    If it's some NT based version of windows(ie. XP or 2K) thats defying you, try this here:

    If it's the BIOS, pop the battery. If it's something else, your gonna have to cough up more info.
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    Well if you are dealing with the windows *.pwl file recovery then what you would have to do is when the system boots up , press F8 several times until you get the DOS screen.Then what you would have to do is
    C:\Windows>rename *.pwl *.xyz
    what it does is it changes your password files to a different file format so the bootup screen will accept any input.Pretty lame but gets the job done.
    good luck.
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