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Thread: My documents quick eraser

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    My documents quick eraser

    if u hare deleting all thoes shorts in ur my documents quick launch menu in start menu then this .bat file is for u. if u open a txt file or just about anything it will save a short cut in start, documents. this is a good way to erase ur tracks. this file works on win9* for sure. i havent tested it on any other operating system yet, i will post here again if i get some more results. all u have to do is unzip the file, put the file anyware u want, then put a shortcut on ur desktop, click the file, close the window that pops up and ur done. i hope this makes computing that much easier

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    There is also another way to prevent and hide the Documents menu from tracking documents. Just download this .reg file. Double-click it and then choose 'Yes'. This will disable the recent documents history and prevent it from showing in the Start menu.

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