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Thread: I wanted to know how..

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    Red face I wanted to know how..

    Hello people,

    Okay no story, just straight to the point.
    This is a cybercafe where you buy internet time for money. THey give you a username and password and the time according to the money you give 'em. Then you go to the computer, double click on a icon, and enter your user name and password, and the same desktop which was there a while ago when you hadnt entered your name or password comes again and this time the internet works, but before i enter my UN and PW, nothing happens. You try open anything , and it wont go beyond "connecting to site".
    Now, most importantly, they dont let you sit without giving money, so im in no way going to use this illegally, but im as curious as i can be, as to what blocks the connectivity before i dont log in.
    There's a LAN of four computers, and router connected to the Internet service where they keep pinging all the time to see if the connection is coming.

    Im really curious as to what the hell is happening. I'm not a pro at networking, so yeah.

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    Its a program called Pharos Signup. thats about a big of a bone as you get from me.
    you want to know more? Do some research on it.
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    Most cafe internets use special software to control all of their clients

    Its just a programm that controls how the client is used (time, price, extra settings) etc...

    There are many diff kinds of programms that do this. Some actually harden the computer like in : no access to regedit, not able to save things on to the drive etc.....
    Take a tour through Google under the term : cafe internet software

    good luck

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    Im getting access to everything really, no problem, im the administrator before i log in.
    But what after that ? can't figure out

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