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Thread: Sandia's Red Team Hackers...

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    Sandia's Red Team Hackers...

    Over the past two years, a group at Sandia National Laboratories known informally as the Red Team has, at customer invitation, either successfully invaded or devised successful mock attacks on 35 out of 35 information systems at various sites, along with their associated security technologies.

    Their work demonstrates that competent outsiders can hack into almost all networked computers as presently conformed no matter how well guarded, say spokespeople for the group, formally known as the Information Design Assurance Red Team or IDART.

    Networked computers might include e-commerce, transmitted or Net-stored financial data (from credit cards, money-machine cards, and bank accounts), as well as medical data.

    Sites investigated by Sandia's self-described "bad guys" include information systems from two very large corporations and several key government agencies, says team leader Ruth Duggan from the Red Team lab in a restricted area of Sandia, in Albuquerque, N.M, a Department of Energy national security laboratory.

    "We found specific weaknesses in every system," Duggan says.

    IDART was started in 1996 by Michael Skroch, now on assignment with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). DARPA was one of the team's principal sponsors before Skroch was asked to join that organization as a program manager.
    While the Sandia group's actions are entirely legal, its adoption of an "outlaw" mind-set, combined with a willingness to do relatively deep analyses of ways an information system can be penetrated (whether through the Internet or by an insider), has helped test and develop concepts in security technology. Some of these concepts are so advanced they are not yet available in the marketplace.

    This is very interesting... Hackers legal...(white hackers?security tester??). Theese guys/gals have amazing talent to break in every computers... to test any security system ...what do you think guys..

    check out the link http://www.popularmechanics.com/scie...in/index.phtml
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    well, White Hat Hackers are very common... That is what u can be educated as at MIT well, educated as a Security Expert... the White Hat part depends on the way u live ur life
    /me sings .... ETHICS!!! is what makes a hacker!

    ok.. enough singing for now..
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