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Thread: 'A' for hacking school computer

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    Cool 'A' for hacking school computer

    do u believe that, ... ma god, if only i had access to my school computer , i would graduated A student ... that would be 12 years back

    anyway, all respect to the kid, he shows a good example of good hackers !! is there really a good hackers ? wonder, .... wait till he gets to the real life lol

    (CNN) -- It was a breeze for 15-year-old Reid Ellison to hack into his high school's computer grading system. But what to do once he broke in took a bit more ingenuity.

    Student gets 'A' for hacking school computer / CNN

    Student gets merit award for school computer hack / The Register

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    That's pretty funny! haha...It's good that we have kids that have such high moral behavior.
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