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Thread: Dosemu problem

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    Dosemu problem

    I have a Redhat 5.2 system set up and I tried to run dosemu but it says I don't have a hdimage for it. I read in my Linux books trying to figure out how it works more but they just bs alot about how some dos apps won't work on them. Could someone please help me or ponit me in the right direction on what to read to get it fixed. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The hdimage should be on the RedHat installation discs, however if you cant find it you could try downloading dosemu from HERE
    Just run rpm -Uvh dosemu-0.98.1-2.src.rpm when logged in as root which should install it for you then also as root just type dos which should start up the dos emulator.

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    I thought you needed a real DOS partition or freedos to run dosemu

    but I could be mistaken..
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    An hdimage is a file that emulates a dos partition.
    Then , when you run dosemu, it seems to be
    on an actual drive, but is all contained in the
    hdimage file.

    Dosemu can run on an actual dos partition also.
    You need to read the dosemu howto on your
    installation cd. It explains how to create
    an hdimage file.

    The default installation of dosemu sets up a small (two or three megs)
    hdimage, with freedos as the "dos" that is running on it.
    You need to create a bigger hdimage (or use a dos partition) and
    install a real dos version on it.

    Dosemu isn't really a dos emulator, but rather a virtual machine
    manager or PC emulator. You can, in fact, install any dos
    version on it, and should choose a good one because freedos is lame.

    The only reason they don't give you a good version by default
    is because they don't have a license to distribute ms-dos.
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