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Thread: Newbies Top 10 PC cares!!!

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    Newbies Top 10 PC cares!!!


    I wrote 10 suggestions for young newbies to keep in mind. Although i still consider myself a newbie in many matters, they helped me in my very beginnings and actually they still help me nowadays too!!!

    Hope they could help someone!!!





    1) …it is very important to keep your antivirus software up to date? New virus are constantly appearing in the “market” so if you are just some days belated, believe it or not, you have plenty of possibilities of getting your computer infected by a recent virus.

    2) …if you haven’t got enough resources to get an antivirus software and you think your PC could be infected you can always look for virus in your PC from different websites on the Internet? For example www.symantec.com has an online virus search tool.

    3) …it is recommended that you always try to keep your drivers up to date? Just look at your cards manufacturer’s website to see if there are new updates available, mostly for your video and sound cards if you are working with graphics or sound programs, and if you are a video games fan!!! Don’t forget to update your DirectX too!!! To check its version just go to Start/Run and type dxdiag (hit Enter).

    4) …any icon appearing in the system tray means a program that Windows is loading and they slow down your PC booting? If you have a slow machine, and if possible, try to keep your system tray with just the necessary icons (programs) loading at Windows start up. This way you could help your Windows to load faster.

    5) …it isn’t a good option to mess with the Windows registry? If you haven’t got any knowledge about this issue don’t do any changes to it and don’t let any person that don’t know too much mess with it too!!! If you don’t know, any wrong changes to some registry entries could be fatal.

    6) …if you want to share files with other computers you NEVER have to share the drive unit where your Operative System is installed? If you do it, you are making hackers “work” easier because if they see your Windows folder they can do anything they want to your PC (although they can with other most advanced methods). To share files (almost) safely, just create a simple folder (for example in your desktop) and share and receive your files through it.

    7) …when you are transferring files through Chat programs (IRCs, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, etc.) you are opening ports on your computer to send and receive information? This is called “direct connection” and hackers could use this “holes” to enter to your PC and work as they wish. Take care if you don’t know the person whom you are transferring files with.

    8) …if your PC is strangely rebooting when you're working on it, it could be due to processor overheating? Always remember, from time to time, to check if your cooler is working correctly or your processor could get broken. And remember that better and newer processors (like for example PIVs or Athlon XPs) require better and bigger coolers to keep themselves cold enough.

    9) …when moving hard disks from PC to PC for doing back-ups, big files transfers, etc. you must treat them carefully? Hard disks, are really fragile units. They work with a piece (better known as needle) that is responsible for reading the data stored in the unit. Try to buy a hard disk cover to transport your unit, because (although rarely) they could get broken with hard hits, etc.

    10) …whenever you open your PC box to change or install a card, memory, HD drive, CD drive, etc. you are exposed to work with static and you can damage your things, memory cards above all?. As prevention, you can buy some static wristbands to work with. You attach one side to your wrist and the other to the PC box to dissipate possible static.

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    Excellent list of good tips, DarkRaider. Don't take this the wrong way but because it's the Holidays and I'm feeling a little goofy here are my Top 10 Advanced Computer User Tips:

    1) ...Remember to keep your Antivirus up to date...wait. Why are you running Windows? I thought you were an Advanced Computer User. You lied to me. This might be a bad idea.

    2) ...If you haven't got enough resources...wait. You should have plenty of resources. I thought you were an Advanced Computer User. You should only be broke if you're a web-designer...or a system administrator...or a security or network administrator. Nevermind, you're right. You'll always be low on resources.

    3) ...Always keep your drivers up to date. You'll never know if you're running the most up-to-date, bleeding-edge version of /dev/null if you don't stay up to date on device releases. They may have found a better way to send bits to oblivion.

    4) ...Any icon in your Windows System tray...wait. Why the hell are you running Windows again? I thought you were an advanced computer user. You better be running 'nix with some impressively tweaked-out WM with dockable modules and 30 virtual desktops. Eh...well, if you're at work I guess it's okay.

    5) ...Don't let anyone ever mess with your Sendmail config. Do you know how long it took me to get that d@mn thing working? The manual alone is like 3 encyclopedia volumes. You can delete /home, but messing with my Sendmail config means instant death.

    6) ...If you want to share files with other computers, you'll have to configure Samba...wait. Nevermind. The only thing Windows systems have to share is porn or other win32 programs. Just setup Apache and let Windows users download your stuff. They know you're cool.

    7) ...Remember that skidiots will be forever poking your firewall for holes. Do yourself a favor, don't port-forward anything in /etc/services but ports 80 and 22. If you have any other services...find a way to run them on either port or use a socksified version.

    8) ...If your computer is strangely rebooting, you're still running Windows, and I told you to get that crap off your computer. When ya gonna listen?

    9) ...Remember when your harddisk is giving you problems to kick it square in the center. Harddisks are remarkably resilient when you're extremely pissed off. If you don't kick it dead center the arm won't fall off and make that satisfying rattle you were looking for.

    10) ...Remember that your CRT can carry more voltage than the Hoover Dam, so always have a wrist strap grounded to it so when someone is being annoying you can tell them to strap on the wrist strap for "safety". When you finish putting the fire out on their head, you'll feel much better.
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    Excellent "jokes" too!!! but you shouldn't have posted them on the "Tech Humor" forum, hehe!!!

    I just hope these "jokes" don't confuse newbies thinkin that my list has been written as a joke, because they are real tips. And one more thing, newbies and "common" users use Windows (in its majority) because its easier to use than Linux... and that's the reason i didn't posted about Linux.


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    Just a (few) suggestion(s),

    Drivers are nice to have up to date, but some drivers are actually bad when up to date. One example is nVidia's Detonator XP drivers. Some games will actually run worse with the 40.32 drivers compared to the 30 something drivers. So for drivers, it's best to go with discretion and to know what are the fixes/improvements from version to version.

    Also, about the systray icons...
    Some apps run without an Icon loaded so also check msconfig.exe to see what's running and to check through google or another site to see what the app is and if or not it's required.

    Registry editing....
    If you want to learn how the registry works, read up on it and back it up at least twice before editing it (remember you are playing with fire!)

    Static Bands...
    If you don't want to buy one, at least keep yourself grounded by keeping a hand on the power supply.

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    Thanks for your adds Tiger!!!


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    There are only 3 rules I like to keep in mind.

    1) When in doubt, reboot, try again.

    2) When further in doubt, format, try again.

    3) When not in doubt, don't touch anything.

    ---Aku. Soku. Zan.

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