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Thread: Increasing Traffic

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    Lightbulb Increasing Traffic

    I want to increase traffic on my web site by adding a message board, chat room, polls, and all of those goodies. Does anyone know where you can get these without adds that can look exactly like the rest of your web site? I like http://boards2go.net/ for a message board with no ads, and I might use that. I will also add more content to my web site, because, I'll admit, it's pretty boring right now.


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    Try http://www.phpbb.com/ , their PHP based forum is really good and fast, with a lot of skins.
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    the internet was designed for INFORMATION, so thats where my vote goes. noone will stay at yuour site if it has no content.

    graphics and interactivity are nice to spice it up, but content is the most important

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    I would say Interactivity and Information both are important.
    Since already many people realize the need of information, i voted for interactivity.
    If you have information, and a newbie user, or even a moderate user cannot reach to it or comprehend it properly, what's the use ?

    So, i'd say information and interactivity are both very important.
    ( almost equally, information having a slight edge )
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