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    Unhappy Os/2

    Hi guys,

    I am thinking of installing OS/2 on my PC. Since I am not fammiliar with it I would like to hear from someone who has tried it before. Is it worth giving a shot?

    I need some detail on it, what it is, how it works, everything.

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    I do like OS/2 and IMO is every OS available worth checking out, you will always learn something new and get greater knowledge about how to solve and get things up and running .

    OS/2 is unfortunately a bit outdated compared to many other OS since there has been no greater developement since 1997 but I do still think on OS/2 as my old and good friend.

    To learn more please check out the links below (they can give good hints) or use google to find your way to the world of OS/2.

    IBM OS/2
    OS/2 eZine
    Team OS/2
    Hobbes OS/2 Archive
    OS/2 BBS.COM


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    OS/2 was a fantastic OS that was supposed to be IBM's answer to Windows NT (although OS/2 technically came first), but through a series of poor judgements and some gross mismanagement from the suits at IBM it has been considered dead in most segments of the market for quite some time now. You will still see it in the banking industry a fair bit, but that's about it.

    I used it on my home PC for several years and helped test various incarnations of it for IBM, and I can tell you that in its day it was the most advanced OS available for a home PC. However, as micael said, it hasn't been developed since 1997 and is very outdated now and it's hard to find software for it (there was never that much, even at its peak).

    As much as I loved it, I can't see much reason to install it in 2003 unless you know you will be running into it in one of those specialized markets. If you're just looking for a learning experience, I think you will get more out of Linux than you will OS/2.
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    just a suggestion!

    i suggest you to install vmware.do you know it?it makes a new virtual folder in your hdd in which you can install whatever os you like.i'm saying that just in case something goes wrong.if it does you just delete the folder.that is my way to experiment in other os' without having my hdd formatted or partitioned.just try it.consider one thing.it requires 256mb of ram or more in order to run properly.

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    Thanks guys , that was really quality feedback !

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    Also, IBM finally pulled the plug on OS/2 a few weeks back

    have a look at


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