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    Cat served up for Christmas dinner

    Well anything to replace the chicken !

    Cat served up for Christmas dinner

    NAIROBI (Reuters) - Three Kenyan schoolboys were arrested for eating a cat they suspected of stealing chickens set aside for their Christmas feast, newspapers have reported.

    The three boys aged 12-14 killed, skinned and roasted the cat for lunch last Thursday, the state-owned Kenya News Agency (KNA) reported on Tuesday. They were arrested after complaints from residents in Mororo village in eastern Kenya

    taken from yahoo news

    would you?


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    When something is depleting the food supply, in a place where food isn’t plentiful, its then a varmint and needs to be gotten rid of. Doesn’t matter is its a rat, fox, wolf...whatever. These boys killed a varmint and did not waste the kill. Seems rather logical to me.

    Would i?

    I don’t eat meat. The world in which i live has a diversified enough food supply where killing isn't necessary for good health. To kill under these circumstances is, to me, a waste of life and wrong. But if i were them...you bet your ass i would.
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