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Thread: Divine Intervention III

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    Divine Intervention III

    Anyone here knows the original website of Divine Intervention III?
    please help me coz i need to contact its author...

    Thanks and Advanced Happy New Year...

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    Why? It's s'kiddie crap.
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    Most of the s'kiddie sites go away pretty quick, try the readme file, or see if the prog has a help drop down menu and click the about selection, those might give you the author and his email, even though it may no longer be any good. . .if those don't work, matbe if you open the prog in a hex editor. . .
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    Wow. It's an old prog, I didn't think that anybody still used it.
    Maybe should you read the AntiOnline faq. It's a security site, not a Hacking site. We will not promote the use of this sort of software.
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