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    Palm Development

    I just got a Palm m125 for xmas :-)

    I'm looking into developing some software for the Palm OS...

    Would anyone like to shed some light on the subject, i will post more info as i get it... Just wanted to know your thoughts... What kind of software would be neat for a IR enabled palm (eg - multi-player games, scanning, IM, et cet era...) Please post your comments :-)

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    ok i used to program palm apps for Digital Acumen, so ill give you my 2 cents

    Codewarrior has a decent palm dev IDE, ---www.metrowerks.com

    theres an app called PendragonForms, that deals with databases, ---http://www.hallogram.com/pendragonforms/?source=googlependr

    theres a somehting called Appforge, which lets you program in VB, xcept the overhead was huge last time looked at it -----www.appforge.com

    ano other specific questions i might be of better assistence to.

    www.tnkase.com <----a lottle app i built for Digital Acumen

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