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Thread: security ??

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    security ??

    I recently installed zone alarm on my dell machine now I notice that every time I turn it on.

    the firewall alerts me that dell apps. is trying to access the net and kazaz is trying to download some update. But my ? can up when Xuipter appear on my machine I try deleting it but access is denied removing its .dll files how can i remove this from my pc and how can I better secure it too.

    thanxs in advance guys/girls

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    Sounds like your well on the way with installing ZA, just pick and choose wisely what you want to access the net and what you don't. . .the .dll file might not be able to be deleted b/c it is probably used by other progs, do a search for the prog and try to delete the .exe.. . .

    Oh yeah, more security, I disble all the auto-update features, that way I know it is connecting when I want it to, if you have to use peer progs like Kazaa, don't select the option to always allow them, have ZA ask every time it wants to connect, which is actually what I do for all my progs. . .I'm sure others will have some excellent suggestions, as well.
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    phazaa, there is a program, available at webattack.com, in their freeware section, called Spybot S&D. It will delete xupiter and about 4000 other things that can sneak into your computer. I don't know if it gets rid of the .dll or not.

    You can find it at http://www.webattack.com/freeware/freeware.htm I think it's in the security and privacy list, but not sure. I use it every evening before I shut down. It's worth a look. If you get it, make sure you check for updates every few days. It's easy to figure out.

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    I think that Ad Aware will pick up Xupiter also. Just another option for spyware-type removal. I hope this helps.

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    I found Xupiter in my registry, and it only took the deleting of the value to get it out (two lines actually). It's in the Run section, but more specifically: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Microsoft>Windows> Current Version>Run.

    I hope I helped, I know those kind's of programs can be annoying to get rid of. I have Ad-Aware, and it does help, but quickly removing the registry keys helped a deal.

    Disclaimer: Only edit the registry if you've done it before or anything, don't tamper with it a great deal. Tampering with it can mess up the system, so unless you've used regedit before, don't go into the registry files.
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