Hello all. I just had this insatiable urge to introduce myself. I'm not going to reveal much personal information, just a little info about my computer knowledge. I definitely do not consider myself an expert, but I am not a newbie either. I know a little about web page creation: I know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also am proficient with a few programming languages: BASIC, C++, and Python are my main stables. I have dabbled in many other programming language, but I could not do anything useful with them off the top of my head. As for OSes, I try to use Linux for almost everything, but sometimes (usually for games), I have to use Windows. I am always willing to try to help someone with a problem, and I am even more willing to learn new things. Alright, that's about it. Heh, I doubt many people are going to read this, but who cares; at least I can say that I did it. Boy, that did not make any sense.

Ooohhh, here is something of actual use in this post: http://spellcheck.net/ . Man, that web site is really useful. Now you will not be able to tell if I am a bad speller or not; I always use that web site.