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Thread: The dreamed contest for RPGs lovers...

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    The dreamed contest for RPGs lovers...


    For the lovers of RPGs (or anyone) this is a "dreamed" chance. You have the opportunity of designing an item for a game. If you win, your item will stay forever in the game and your name will be listed in the credits.

    "Starting December 18, 2002 and January 15, 2003 NCsoft; the maker of the MMORPG game Lineage The Blood Pledge is hosting 'Lands of Aden Server Item Design Contest'. All you have to do is come up with an idea for a new interesting item, give it a name, purpose, and attributes down in writing and send it in, for a chance to have it name by (or after) you in the Lands of Aden server, in Lineage.

    This is a good chance for the RPG game lovers, game developers, out there to create an item (swords, bow, etc...) which will be named after (or by) you, and it will be in the game forever!

    The winner of this contest gets the glory of winning and their name on Lineage website. The item will be introduced into the game and the NPC who gives the item out will be named after the winner! Sounds fun huh?"

    Go to http://www.lineage-us.com or get directly to the contest and rules in http://www.lineage-us.com/promotions

    Here you have some help to know how to decide the performance of your item http://www.lineage.com/guide/equip_swords.html

    The contest is for USA and Canada residents only.

    Good luck!!!

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    This idea is great but I can not play in contest because of this "...(c) you must be a resident of the United States or Canada... ". That sux.
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    Yes, it's the only "bad rule" and i don't know why they do this or what they win doing this.


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    Me in Canada

    Me gonna enter

    Thanks for the link Dark Raider. It's cool that companies will do stuff like this to kinda let the public have a say in a game...

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