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    nVidia impressive Cg Compiler 1.0 !!!


    nVidia released Cg Compiler 1.0 and seems to be a powerfull program. Maybe some of you (programmers) want to give it a try.

    A critical companion to NVIDIA’s recently announced GeForce™ FX GPU family, the Cg language is a C-like high level graphics programming language that, when combined with a modern GPU such as NVIDIA’s GeForce™ FX, allows 3D content developers to create cinematic-caliber, real-time worlds and characters. The combination of a simple-to-use programming language and the cinematic computing platform will allow developers to create real-time graphics content that is similar to film quality rendering.

    More info at http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?IO=IO_20021218_8020 or at http://developer.nvidia.com/

    You can download the program from http://developer.nvidia.com/view.asp?IO=cg_toolkit

    Good luck!!!


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    sounds kewl... too bad I don't have the cash for GeForce FX card hehe... live's a *beep* lol
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