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Thread: Linux Radio - Back on Jan 1 03

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    Linux Radio - Back on Jan 1 03


    this is kinda cool, radio linux talk all day.. hrm.. looks like ill be in need of some new speakers !

    Anyway i stumbled upon this after the ice storms hit that brought their servers and stuff

    down so i havent yet got the chance to listen to it. Have any of you all? i mean is it worth my

    own servers bandwidth to listen via internet, and if its not, is their a radio station that it

    broadcasts too or is it internet proprietary? And for those running linux, there is some good

    information on how to get mozilla/netscape/whatever you use to get xmms to play from the

    site. Its just a simple preference option in the browsers config with an %s appending from

    the directory of which program to play . ex /usr/bin/xmms %s in your preferences. Anyway,

    like i said lemme know if you can answer some of my questions.

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    lol er0k, looks like no one really listens to the radio on Linux, i remember this post was there earlier, i tried hard to figure out, no answer. Just thought i'd say "hello" .
    You bumped, it , right ?
    \"I have a 386 Pentium.\"

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    yes i bumped it, figured no one saw it. O well.. peace.

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