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Thread: help with dos on xp

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    Question help with dos on xp

    i recentialy put windows xp h/e on my laptop and now i dont have dos
    i have command line but i dont like that
    i was wondering if anyone can give me a copy of dos or direct me to some help
    thanks for ur time

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    what do you mean you don't have dos?as you are saying you do have command line.it's not pure dos but you can do some basic things.but don't forget that microsoft is trying to do everything in order to prevent users from having or using dos.i can imagine that in the new windows xp release we might not even have command prompt!this is the company's policy.

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    windows XP has no DOs in it, its not like windows 95, 98, ME, and 2,000, theres no real DOS under it, its just a command line option that lets you do things (in my opinion its not that great of a command line either)




    that should keep you busy in reading about OSs enjoy

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    You can type 'command' at a run box.
    This will not open the XP cmd utility but an sort of DOS prompt.

    It says Windows DOS.

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    If you good like to make XP "Dos" as most simliar as old Windows Dos then go to Start/Programs/Accessories/Dos command or go to Start/Run and type command (as noODle says above). Then, when the "Dos" window is open, rhgt-click your mouse over the title bar of the window and there select the properties option.

    The first tab you have is "Options" where you can set the cursor size; display option, either full screen or a window mode; command history; and edit options. The Edit Options include QuickEdit mode which allows you to select and copy and paste DOS text; insert mode; and AutoComplete mode. Command history includes Buffer size which is the number of commands to remember so they can be recalled by scrolling by pressing the up arrow / down arrow.

    The second tab is "Font". Here you can set the default font and font size which selects the window size.

    The third tab is "Layout". Here you set the screen buffer size and the windows size. By setting the screen buffer size to a higher number (mine is at 500), you buffer lines displayed and you will be able to scroll back to see them. You can also set the windows size in colum width and lines.

    The last tab is "Colors". Here you can choose text and background colors.

    Change these options to make you XP Dos at least more similar to do old Windows Dos.

    Hope it helps you, bye.

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    i'm sorry darkraider but that does absaloutly nothing to help his query....

    its like saying heres a cardboard box lets paint it black with a green X - well it might not be a proper xbox but it sure looks like one >_<

    I don't mean to sound patronising or anything but i think the question is more to do with accessing a full dos system were all commands are usable - which am afraid is just not possible on an XP machine yes there is a command prompt but it is not the full old style dos shell like the 9x systems had.

    the only way i think you could get that back is to partition ur drive and slap an older version of windows on it - a friend of mine had the same probs as xp didn't like alot of his old dos based games....

    his solution however was to purchase a really cheap old machine like a 166mhz or something which cost next to nothing but does exactly what he needs - runs the old dos games heh and better than xp does 2 lol


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    I never said it will be the same as real old DOS. Just trying to help the-twinge. (Sorry NoODle, i'll use your answer as example, nothing against you), valhallen, look at noODle answer above, wow!!! what a real good answer to deserve positive AntiPoints. Why don't you answer to him then too. I just tried to help the-twinge and he/she will decide what to do reading at the options we give him/her.

    So then, why are you telling the-twinge to get another machine?, what this has to be with his/her question, he/she never ask to buy another machine. See, you have your opinions/solutions to give... and i have mine.

    Thanks, bye.

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    Thy not be rude
    Thy not flame
    Thy talk nicely
    Thy be polite to fella members


    Thou shalt be flushed of AP's../..

    (General AO policy..)
    \"I have a 386 Pentium.\"

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    sorry raider - i got a lil touch of food poisoning atm....just got sent home from work as i was spending more time in toilets than i was on the phone
    and when i ain't feeling to good i can be a lil short - so my appologies

    oh and invader heres some i made up just for you

    The 10 commandments of JP instead of JC

    You shall have no other sites before me
    You shall not make for yourselves an idol (they had their golden cow....cult of the dead cow - a coincidence!? oO)
    You shall not misuse the name of Antionline
    Remember that everyday is an Antionline day
    Honor your father and your father
    You shall not murder (neg someone just to get them banned)
    You shall not commit adultery (have multiple accounts)
    You shall not steal (remember always quote sources)
    You shall not give false testimony (esp when questioned by the FBI about exactly where u got all of those cd-r's with windows xp prof on them)
    You shall not covet (another members ap's)

    yes yes lame i know but lets see any of the rest of you out there with fevers do better.....i dares ya :P


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    lol valhallen, masterpiece, now check this out,
    i was talking to my girlfriend y'day on the phone, i had given her a zipped file with a password, and it had a text file on how to ..let me not mention, anyway, so we started talkin in computer terms and relate it to sex :
    like this :

    She : I was unzipping the folder you gave me the other day

    Me : hmm..you need a password, i aint that easy

    She : sho' sho' , i tried to extract the file , it was hard.

    Me : huh ???????????????????????????
    ( i didnt know what she was talking about until soon )

    She : really, man, like i took it outta there and moved it into another folder.

    Me : hmm..any data loss ?

    She : No, i liked the feel, so , i just kept shifting from in and out of the folder, and started doin it fast.

    Me : im listening ( by this time, i was like "WTF" )

    She : then, i got tired and like thought, that's all. Then i moved the file back into the folder, zipped it and thought "well done".

    Me : for sure, im gonna tell that on AO tomorrow !

    She : WHat ? what's that ?

    Me : nothin, nothin, just another zip folder

    She : you're like a computer, know how ?

    Me : how ?

    She : You are supposed to help me solve problems, but half the time you are the problem. As soon as i commit to you, i realize that, if i had waited a little longer i could have had a better model.
    ( we laugh, but then i come back with a super-liner )

    Me : Well, no , it's the other way around : as soon as i make a commitment to you, i find myself spending half my paycheck on accessories for you.

    eh, val, that's original for you
    \"I have a 386 Pentium.\"

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