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Thread: SMS and Chat Shortcuts

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    SMS and Chat Shortcuts

    Hey guys, I think this is cool.

    All The Best ATB
    Anything NITING
    Are R
    Are You Coming RU CMNG
    Are You OK? RU OK
    As far as I know AFAIK
    Be B
    Be Home Late BHL8
    Before B4
    Boss Is Listening BIL
    Call Me CMi
    Call You Back Later CUB L8R
    Call Your Boss CYR BOS
    Call Your Wife CYR WF
    Call Your Husband CYR H
    Call Your Brother CYR BRO
    Call Your Father CYR PA
    Call Your Office CYR OFIS
    Emergency - Call Me 911
    Excellent XLNT
    Pick Up Kids PUKS
    For Your Information FYI
    Good Luck GUDLUK
    Great GR8
    In Meeting IMTNG
    Late L8
    Mate M8
    Parents Are Listening PRL
    Waiting W8N
    Planned PL&
    Wearing Walkman [:-)
    Nothing nufN
    Nothing Doing doN
    Please PLZ
    Please Call Me PCME
    Please Forgive Me PLZ 4GV ME
    Regards RGDS
    Running Late RINGL8
    See C
    See You CU
    Speak SPK
    Thanks THX
    Today 2DAY
    Tomorrow 2MORO
    Wait W8
    Wait For Me W84M
    What WOT
    Where are you WRU
    Your YR

    More at:


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    they're mostly sms .....

    chat ones ->

    rtfm read the fackin manual
    wtf what the fack
    ffs for fake's sake
    brb be right back
    bbiab be back in a bit
    ttfn ta ta for now
    ttyl talk to you later
    afk away from keyboard
    imho in my humble opinion
    np no problem
    wb welcome back
    ty thank you
    nm no matter
    lol laugh out loud ----- tho i have heard some people use it as lots of love ?
    rofl roll on floor laughing
    roflmao roll on floor laughing my ass off

    etc etc etc

    there are soooo many >_<


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