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Thread: Hacker radio on your computer???

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    Question Hacker radio on your computer???

    Hey all--

    A quick question... Does anybody know of any computer related talk shows that occur regularly on the radio??? By radio I mean disscussions that you can listen to on your computer, sort of like listening to mp3's except this is a real station that your computer can tune into... I've heard of such things and was intrigued by them, but unfortunantely was unable to locate any? Input is, as allways, greatly appreciated!

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    The only one I know of right now is Off The Hook that is broadcast once a week. You can download from the archive section to hear older ones.

    It isn't all computer related, they speak a lot of politics. Well, you know how 2600 is.

    Some of them aren't bad, but some just suck.
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