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Thread: 'Thread of the week' in useless space?

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    'Thread of the week' in useless space?


    Mi comment / idea is seeing that AO main page has some blank space in the right side below the calendar, why not adding a new feature to the site called: THREAD OF THE WEEK and/or MONTH (it could be given to the thread with most replies or views, etc. in the week and/or month) with a link to see the "old threads of the week and/or month). I'm saying this because there are really good threads, posts and tutorials, that are very informative and many, many guests and new AO members will never see them, only if they start looking for very old threads, one by one, seeing what they are about, etc. (although some good threads are at the top of some forums, but not all of them). There's a really good thread called "The Ultimate Newbies FAQ" that could be a very good example for this. I think it wouldn't be too dificult for JP to add this feature. This way we could have an easy and faster way to have a look at best and usefull threads.

    What do you think about this idea???. Maybe some of you have more ideas about what to put in that blank space.


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    If it's a good thread, and everybody keeps replying it'll keep showing up regardless, right?

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