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Thread: Phrack #60

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    Phrack #60

    Its been released... Took long enough...

    Phrack issue 60!

    Its not bad... here is a quick contents list:

    1 Introduction (.txt) Phrack Staff
    2 Loopback (.txt) Phrack Staff
    3 Linenoise (.txt) Phrack Staff
    4 Toolz Armory (.txt) Packet Storm
    5 Phrack Prophile on horizon (.txt) Phrack Staff
    6 Smashing The Kernel Stack For Fun And Profit (.txt) noir
    7 Burning the bridge: Cisco IOS exploits (.txt) FX
    8 Static Kernel Patching (.txt) jbtzhm
    9 Big Loop Integer Protection (.txt) Oded Horovitz
    10 Basic Integer Overflows (.txt) blexim
    11 SMB/CIFS By The Root (.txt) ledin
    12 Firewall Spotting with broken CRC (.txt) Ed3f
    13 Low Cost and Portable GPS Jammer (.txt) plunkett
    14 Traffic Lights (.txt) anonymous author
    15 Phrack World News (.txt) Phrack Staff
    16 Phrack magazine extraction utility (.txt) Phrack Staff
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    Great been waiting!!

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