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    Whatz your plan for the new year ?

    Hello pals,

    So what are your plans for the new year ?I am gonna become a good guy(i was not that bad).
    I am gonna make a timetable for my life. Ther was no discipline for my life till now.So the new year is full of changes for me.So how is it that you plan to live it ?

    I apologise to all AO members if i have ever hurt you.So i am gonna be a new man altogether.

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    plan for newyear???

    much same as last yr - work...get paid....go out.....be hungover......go to work

    [[[repeat to fade]]]

    well that and move to glasgow at some point


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    Next year i'm gonna go to Bahamas to play the 4th World Cup of Flag-Football in Freeport, Bahamas representing my country with the rest of my teammates. Then, i'll fly directly from Bahamas to Boston, USA, to work in the International Federation of Flag-Football, learn as much as i can, and bring this knowledge back to Uruguay to share it with the whole league in my country. I have had some invitations of some AO members to meet in Boston and the rest of USA and i'm hoping for that.

    Besides, i know i was out of my mind when complaining about AntiPoints and hope to let this thoughts behind for 2003. I'm really sorry about all of this and promise not to talk ever again about AntiPoints... never again. OK, maybe to help someone not to talk about them showing my "bad" experiences on this matter, hehe!!!

    No, really sorry guys, and well... if someone hates me... ok, no problem... maybe i deserve it for taking me too much time to learn the rules.


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    Best of luck -DaRK-RaiDeR- .

    May 2003 be a good one to all. May there be no wars, no terrorism and only peace.

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    i couldnt agree more blackmask.

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