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Thread: windows XP shut down problem

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    Question windows XP shut down problem

    i'm running windows XP Pro, and i'm having difficulties shuttinhg it down . when i either log off or choose to shut down everything will go normally and it will say "logging off" and then it says "saving your settings" but after it says that it just sits there. either when i shut down or log off it just frezzes at that point. once in a while it will actually log off, but almost every time it just frezzes and then i have to manually shut it off by hitting the off button. does anyone know whats wrong?

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    Take a look at this article


    or for more ideas look here http://www.aumha.org/a/shtdwnxp.php
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    there is a problem with something you are running either in the tray or before you log off. windows is having trouble closing this program and will hang.

    another reaon is that if you have customiser xp. an option in this orders windows to clear its scripts for increased security. if this is enabled, it will take ages on even the fastest computers.

    only look at this if magnoons suggestion dont work.
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    dj nica,

    It could be due to your motherboard model, some of them do not support this log-off feature. I work with customer service and i have had many of this cases and we found a solution to many of them upgrading the BIOS of the motherboards or, in many other cases, updating the video cards drivers to the last ones done for you video card. You don't have problems until the day you install some program that doesn't have too much compatibility with your video card and so Windows have problems closing it.

    Are you having this problem from the first time or it started a few days ago?
    What video card model have you got?


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