There have been several interesting threads regarding the Microsoft Hidden Files including the link Magnoon gave in that thread. So, i boot to DOS (actually you can do the same thing by clicking over to DOS from the Windows environment) and do a dir for anything with an extension of *.dbx (and a few others) which brings up a deeply placed (six directories deep) set of files named "inbox.mbx", "outbox.mbx", "sentit~1.mbx", "delete~1.mbx" and "drafts.mbx". These hidden *.mbx files take up about 30meg of space in the directory. So, from the DOS-prompt i "type", "print" etc several of the records, and all i get in plain text is who it's to (like the sheriff) but the rest of the file is a screen of scattered funny-faces, or high-ascii characters, or whatever they are, accompanied by complimentary 'puter-beeps. So my question is, how do you convert these files and these characters into something a carbon-based lifeform can read?
Well, OK, i should have experimented with it a bit more: The original text says you have to go to DOS to find these, however i just did a "find" under windows and it listed them all in about two seconds, where the DOS-search took a couple minutes. Also, i took one of the files, sent it to a floppy, then sent the file to another email address, received it in Outlook Express, opened the attachment in wordpad, and viola! It had several hundred lines of ascii, but then, down at the bottom, was the original message in plain text! This thing is a great find for me, but i'm sure most of you think it's K-12 stuff!
Happy day!