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Thread: Microsoft Next Generation Shell

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    Microsoft Next Generation Shell

    See it on slash dot http://slashdot.org/articles/02/12/2....shtml?tid=109

    Sounds like windows might be getting a half decent command line in the future. Of course there might be a down side as one person put it “A whole new area of a Microsoft operating system ripe for exploitation.”; Based on Microsoft’s record that might not be far from the truth.

    An anonymous reader writes "I found this while searching for Perl Jobs in India: "The Microsoft Next Generation Shell Team is designing and developing a new command line scripting environment from the ground up. The new shell and utilities, based on the .NET Frameworks, will provide a very rich object-based mechanism for managing system properties. To be delivered in the next release of Windows, it will include the attributes of competitors’ shells (e.g. aliases, job control, command substitution, pipelines, regular expressions, transparent remote execution) plus rich features based on Windows and .NET (e.g. command discovery via .NET reflection API’s, object-based properties/methods, 1:many server scripting, pervasive auto-complete)."
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    Hum... Seeing the possibilities of .NET (ie vulnerabilities?) and knowing the ability of Microsoft to provide "secure" products, I agree totally with the humorous first answer related to this article on Slashdot:
    I liked this the first time... when it was called Cygwin.
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    Talking Competitor's?

    Hehe! Don't you love the way Microsoft worded it: "competitor's shells"? What shells is Microsoft referring to? Bash? Ksh? Tcsh? Those are all open-source command-line shells written for *nix systems, and, while they can be run on Windows operating systems using Cygwin, neither the shells nor their creators directly compete with Microsoft. Not to mention the fact that these shells are free (as in beer) and "competitor" in this context is connotative of a money-making organization. Neither Linux distributing companies nor Apple (with their new *nix-based OS) own these shells. Makes you think.

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    Neat, maybe microsoft will implement some "state of the art" stuff, like auto completing commands and filename when you hit the tab key.


    Hmm, I find it a bit hard to believe that microsoft can come up with better shells than the ones which currently exist in the nix community.

    I guess we will have to wait and see...

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