Many of you have heard of or even are subscribers to Well lately on two different machines, one running rh linux and the other win2kpro, mozilla and ie, have been having alot of trouble with their site. I know that its not my band, because it works great for everything else. And their band might have something to do with it but im pretty sure they are running at least t1 if not an OC or a higher T. Well, their site has been loading incredibly slow or not at all. sometimes up to 15 minutes. For another when i finally do login, it either returns a blank page or has trouble processing my accounts information. Its search is messed up etc on both boxes. i know it could just be tonight but i thought about that, and its been doing this since ive been a subscriber. Juridian i dont know if you subscribe but i was wondering if maybe you had the same problem since i know you were a subscriber at one point. IF any of you have had this problem lemme know, cause i dont wanna email them a complaint if its only me by mere chance.