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Thread: 4 news for Linux & Mandrake...

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    4 news for Linux & Mandrake...


    Here you have some news for Linux & Mandrake.



    New Product:

    Multi-Network Firewall has been released.
    MandrakeSoft's new Multi-Network Firewall (MNF) is one of the most
    feature-rich firewall products currently available on the market.

    This all-in-one, easy to use package offers high-end features such as:
    - Firewall
    - Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    - Intrusion Detection
    - Traffic Management functions

    Learn more about the Multi Network Firewall:

    MNF is available now at MandrakeStore:


    Upcoming Event:

    Desktop Linux Summit.
    MandrakeSoft is proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming "Desktop Linux
    Summit" which will be held in San Diego, CA from Feb 20-21, 2003.
    Produced by the good folks at desktoplinux.com, the summit is billed
    as "The First Conference devoted to Linux on the Desktop."

    The Desktop Linux Summit is the inaugural multi-vendor event that was
    developed to serve the informational needs of those exploring a switch
    to Linux on the desktop - for corporate and home users. This group
    includes IT and business executives/managers, academic leaders, open
    source community members and home users. This conference is geared to
    decision makers who are currently evaluating Linux for use in their
    home, schools and businesses.

    Learn all the details at:


    Tip of the week:

    Easy URPMI configuration.
    Have you ever wanted to add a new source of Mandrake packages, but
    weren't quite sure of the exact commands? An automated web-based tool
    is now available to give you the correct syntax for setting up URPMI
    (the automated software management system).

    1) Head on over to http://plf.zarb.org/~nanardon/urpmiweb.php
    2) Select your Mandrake system version number (7.2 - 9.0)
    3) Select a source (official and unofficial packages) and a mirror
    4) Press 'send'
    5) The exact command for adding the package source is displayed at the
    bottom of the page
    6) Paste the command in a terminal (after logging in as root with the
    'su' command) and hit 'Enter'
    7) Open the Software Installer in the Mandrake Control Center and
    browse the new packages that are now available for installation
    8) Have fun!


    Software updates:

    9.0 software updates have been released for:

    MySQL -- fixes multiple vulnerabilities
    wget -- fixes directory traversal vulnerability

    View the complete list at:

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    Mandrake stepped off of the GNU GPL path with this one according to this article

    MandrakeSoft has taken a step away from the open source philosophy, changing licence terms for a Linux-based firewall so customers who want product support may no longer install the software on as many computers as they wish.

    The company's new Multi Network Firewall (MNF) software is free and ships under an open source licence for those who don't need support, Paris-based MandrakeSoft said Thursday. But if customers want support, they must buy a version covered by a different, more restrictive licence.
    Well whatever.. I don't need Support... I got the internet !!
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    That only makes sense on the corp level... They don't need to be waisting valuable resources on customers who are not paying for their products? They do need to make money... right?
    When you connect to your ISP, you are potentially opening your computer to the world. There are \'naughty people\' out there who enjoy breaking into other people\'s computers. Give some thought to the security of your computer...

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