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Thread: The Art of Deception - by Mitnik

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    Thumbs up The Art of Deception - by Mitnik

    Just started this on and I find it is pretty good. Kevin makes some very valid points about the art of deception and how it can beat expensive security systems everytime. I would recommend it for a good reading. Especially, if you have to do budgets for your security program and compete against the coffee vending budget.
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    The first chapter appears to be banned from the book.
    But the book is not quite complete. Mitnick had wished to include a brief biographical sketch debunking the legendary persona created by New York Times tech hack John Markoff and detailing his ordeal at the hands of federal prosecutors. Unfortunately, the publisher rejected what were to be the juiciest parts of Chapter One, but we thought you might like to see it anyway
    Read the uncensored first chapter here .

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    I already ordered!

    I ordered this book last wednesday and i can't wait for it to come!

    Happy Reading!
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