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    Post Win32 API Programming C++

    For any of you who have been searching for information or tutorials on windows programming I just wanted to share this site I found the other day. This site contains the class notes from a windows programming class at the State University of New York at Binghamton Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science. The professor, and the person to whom all the credit goes for this wonderful information is Richard R. Eckert. For those of you who are already familiar with C++ and are interested in beginning windows programming I think you will find almost everything you need to get started here.

    Here is the site


    Here is a description of the course. it will give you an idea as to whether these notes will be useful to you.

    CS-360, GUI AND WINDOWS PROGRAMMING. An overview of the issues involved in the design and implementation of graphical user interfaces and windows applications. A practical, hands-on course on how to program the interactive, pointer-based, graphical techniques that comprise the modern desk-top interaction metaphor. Microsoft Windows; the X Window System; event-driven programming; client/server model; Microsoft's API; Xlib; use of windows object classes; interface toolkits (Xt Intrinsics, OSF/Motif, Tcl/Tk); window managers; widgets; resources; graphics and text in windows. Future directions of GUIs; 3D interaction (VRML). This is a project-oriented course that emphasizes the programming of windows applications, not the aesthetical and psychological issues involved in good user-interface design.

    The class notes on this site are (in my opinion) very easy to follow.....somtimes a little too easy. Many of you may just want to start with week two lecture notes. Another great thing about Professor Eckert's notes is that there is that you will find a lot of sample programs.

    Well, I hope some of you find these notes to be as big a treasure as I did!!

    For those of you who just want some quick references this list of resources was taken from Professor Eckert's syllabus.

    -Andrews, "Learn Visual C++ Now," Microsoft Press, 1996, ISBN 1-55615-845-9.
    -Barkakati, "X Window System Programming," SAMS, 1991, ISBN 672-22750-9 Nye, "Xlib Programming Manual, Volume One," O'Reilly.
    -Belew, et.al., "Programming Windows 95 Unleashed," SAMS, 1995, ISBN 0-672-30602-6.
    -Berlace, "OSF/Motif: Concepts and Programming," Addison-Wesley, 1991, ISBN 0-201-55792-4.
    -Blaszcak, "Revolutionary MFC 4 Programming with Visual C++," Wrox, 1996, ISBN 1-874416-92-3.
    -Boone, "Java Essentials for C and C++ Programmers," Addison-Wesley Developers Press, 1996, ISBN 0-201-47946-X.
    -Bronson, Gary, “Visual Basic”, Scott/Jones, ISBN 1-881991-47-4, 1998
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    -Young, "Windows Animation Programming with C++," AP Professional, 1994, ISBN 0-12-773750-2.

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    Hey mathgirl- Cool Info :-)

    I got negged pretty bad one time for posting information like this in the "Tutorial Forum"...

    I hope they don't neg you too! you might want to move the post to another forum?

    Again- thanx for the info, i do a lot API calls my-self :-)
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    with not a mention of his own great books like "thinking in c", "thinking in c++", "thinking in java" which he has made free to anyone interested.

    This sounds like something definatly worth checking out.

    thank you mathgirl32
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    pr0letariat, yes, I actually started this post in security programming. Then I thought...it's not really "security" related, and it IS sort of a "how to".....so I changed it over to the tutorials. But, yes, I did worry about that.

    Glad you appreciate the info.....

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    I know this was posted a few years ago, but I would still like to thank mathgirl for the information, and would like to add "Core C++ A Software Engineering Approach" by Victor Shtern. Even though this book is 4 years old, it is still very nice and can be picked up on Amazon.com for pretty cheap.

    P.S Tedob1, you are thinking of Bruce Eckel.

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