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    Project Dogwaffle.


    If you're looking for tools and don't want to spend any cash, this might be worth a look!

    "Mission statement: As with most things, it all began with a squirrel, or rather a squirrel and a peacock, but never mind that. Project dogwaffle is a paint program, not an image editor. If you like to create pretty pictures then dogwaffle should do well. Dogwaffle doesn't try to be too much like the other programs - that would be a waste of time. Dogwaffle is also meant to be fun."

    It is. Dogwaffle offers some real power and flexibility, and is a serious tool with features that you expect, such as painting on layers with various media, brushes and paper textures. And some features you don't see elsewhere, such as procedural brushes and the capability to use visual basic to write plugins and expand on the application.
    It is worth seeing it, take a look at a screenshot and download it for free from here

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    Wow. Thats a pretty impressive program. Now i wish i had talent to be able to draw pictures and stuff.
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    wow a free graphics program...i havn't seen anything good thats free since pre psp4, when their shareware didn't expire. thanks man!

    does anyone know what happened to corel draws 3d studio? havn't seen it since ver 7.
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    I D/Led and played a little.... Very cool!!
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    Oh yea, that goes nicely with gmax ( the free 3ds max version)

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    What about the GIMP ? It is a great set still. It can also do layers and brushes and whatever and you can also make GUI programms with the GTK+ GLIB libraries wich are included mostly. Very nice stuff. If you never programmed some GUI like thing in linux it's great to check that out once to. It well... a "bit" like visualbasic.
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