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Thread: Yattamonster Jr (folding@home)

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    Yattamonster Jr (folding@home)

    I just loves creativity and dedication. Take a look at this Folding 'yattamonster Jr', it makes me wonder how senior looks like .

    Yattamonster Jr.


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    That is beautiful, i can't blame you for falling in love with it or appreciating the creativity. -ebo

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    makes me wish i had something to fold. :-)

    that really is a thing of beauty
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    That is one sweet setup! Multithreading heaven.
    /me wistfully wishes that i had something like that.
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    The only thing i can think of that would be better, is if you could hook all those mobos and processors and ram into one desktop box. There is a 4-processor mobo named "tachyon" (they maybe borrowed the name from one of my stories, methinks?) that looks neat, but all those boards stacked vertical like that looks awesome, even tho all they do is folding...

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    Did you read the recipie for the Yattamonster Jr. !?!?


    I'll attach it.
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