10 really good wallpapers...
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Thread: 10 really good wallpapers...

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    10 really good wallpapers...


    Here you have some REALLY GOOD wallpapers.

    Enjoy them!!!


    Edit: Sorry, the file was delaying when i was uploading it, it got finished and so i thought it already was uploaded... but not. Thank guys!!!

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    Here you have some REALLY GOOD wallpapers.
    Um, where are the wallpapers?

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    I think you forgot something :s

    Well it's alright now I guess, nice pictures. Did you make them yourself ?

    Double Dutch

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    Those are nice. I'm big on CG landscapes, though. Here are a few in my wallpaper cycle.

    Edit: Holy cow! Someone just gave me points with the impression that I did these wallpapers. PLEASE understand that I did NOT! They were done by various artists, and here are their sites:

    caldera.jpg -- Martin Brunker -- http://www.martin-brunker.de
    morningatmtbaker.jpg -- Martin Brunker -- http://www.martin-bruneker.de
    nord-nord-ost.jpg -- Markus Gann -- http://www.begann.de
    planetxapo-6.jpg -- Ensar Yanar -- http://www.turx.com
    red800.jpg -- Markus Gann -- http://www.begann.de
    strata800.jpg -- Markus Gann -- http://www.begann.de
    young_world.jpg -- Inga Nielsen -- www.8ung.at/gtn

    Incidentally, all these can be found in the user gallery at Digital Blasphemy, whose webmaster also does some incredible work himself.[/url]

    For those of you interested in creating images like the ones above, the majority of these images were created with a program called Terragen, and some using other post-production tools like Photoshop. Terragen is currently free for personal and non-commercial use. You can find a link to it along with another Terragen site or two below:

    Terragen -- http://www.planetside.co.uk/terragen/
    TerraDreams -- http://www.terradreams.de/ -- (some good Terragen newbie tutorials)
    TerraWorlds -- http://www.terraworlds.de -- (a Terragen contest site)
    Terrasight V2 -- http://www.terrasight.net/index-eng.html -- (Not strictly Terragen)

    Hope that clears things up a bit. Sorry if there was any confusion.
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    Thanks for the walls guys

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    Very cool wallpapers from both !!

    Work... Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints...

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    the first wallpaper is the best.. but the others are still good heh i get wallpaper from www.digitalblasphemy.com or www.visualparadox.com

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