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Thread: IRC chat problem

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    IRC chat problem


    When i try to chat , am getting an error saying

    "!!! Couldn't resolve server address irc.antionline.com"

    in the applet's bottom. Am browsing using IE 5 , through a proxy server (Squid) connected by a cable modem to net. Whether the applet doesn't provide support for a proxy..

    I am not allowed to install my favourite IRC client in any machine..

    Can i still enter the chat ... ??
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    my advice to you is not to use the Java client. it's terrible. instead, go to www.mirc.com and d/l mirc. if u have any questions on how to use mirc, ask anyone on the site, especially moderators. after getting mirc, you can join #AntiOnline and a whole other realm of irc!
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    usually when you get that error the server is offline, connect via a Irc client like Mirc and make sure its not just the applet playing games


    hope u can get in

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    proxies don't allow all kind of connections by default, they must be set to allow them. sounds like your proxy isn't configured to allow irc connections so even if you could install a client (which you said you couldn't) i don't think it would help.
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    I had that problem some time ago to, and it isn't that your proxy doesn't allow irc, but rather it can't look up the hosts for some strange reason.
    I think the best thing to do is to download an irc client (like mIRC or Klient or whatever) and fill in the adress: to connect to... Worked for me :/
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    Yeah , i used mIRC and i never had a problem.
    In case you havent learned them already , here is a little link that has some valuable IRC commands
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